Video Uploading – is it beneficial?

For 6 years Flashback Photobooths has strived at providing the best photobooth experience for its customers and their guests – it’s what separates us from the ever growing competition!

Here are some of our top tips to consider when choosing a photobooth supplier.

✦ You will have to pay an additional $60-$100 to feed an attendant at your wedding reception?
✦ You will get approximately 50% LESS photo-strips with video messaging and Facebook upload capabilities inside the photobooth – this means less photo-strips in your album?
✦ You won’t even hear most of the video messages due to loud music at your function!?
The concept of the photobooth is simple – to print out as many photo-strips as possible so that all your guests can leave their mark in the photo-strip guest-book – it’s the BEST keepsake you will get out of the whole experience!

We have removed video messaging and Facebook upload capabilities from our photobooths to make it less complicated for users and maximise the photobooth experience.

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