Unique wedding ideas to make your wedding more memorable

Trying to think of some unique wedding ideas to make your wedding more memorable? The Flashback Photobooths team service hundreds of weddings a year all across Australia and we are constantly coming across new and quirky things that still surprise us and often make us laugh.

Many brides and grooms are looking for something original that their guests will talk about well beyond their special day. Whilst hiring a photobooth for your wedding goes a long way to providing that fun factor, originality and something that will appeal to all your guests, there are other things that you can also do at your wedding to help you stand out from some of the other weddings you may have been to in the past.

Here are some cool and unique wedding ideas

  • A walk down memory lane – why not add some photos of different stages in your life. When you met, when you were kids and fun times you had with your guests. It’s a great way to really help them feel a part of the day!
  • Plan a game – guests can get to know each other (if they don’t already) by having a puzzle piece that they need to join with pieces from other tables to put the puzzle together. Sounds a bit cheezy but this will resonate with guest of all ages. Check out the pic below  where one of Flashback Photobooths’  happy customers used Jenga pieces to create their own memories next to the photobooth.
  • The infusion experience – Can’t decide between a DJ or a band? Why not combine both! One of the coolest things at the moment sees a DJ playing with a saxaphonist to create a cool sound playing both modern and classic songs. It’s upbeat so gets people on the dancefloor and sounds great!
  • Hire a dance instructor – Many people love going to weddings but are often reluctant to dance simply because they can’t and there is always one great dancing couple that carves up the dancefloor and puts everyone else to shame. A dance instructor can spend 30 min with all the guests teaching them some basic moves and getting everyone on the dancefloor. Once they are up then it’s easier for the DJ or band to keep them there!
  • Hire food trucks to cater for your guests – Everyone loves a food truck and whilst this is very dependent on the venue, access and availability, it’s a very new concept that is taking off. Guests can have a variety of food and the costs are very reasonable. If this doesn’t work for you, how about a Mr Whippy van to provide ice creams for your guests on those hot days when the wedding party are off getting snapped!

Flashback Photobooths - Unique wedding ideas to make your wedding more memorable

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