Top 5 Party Booth Hire add-ons in 2019

Top 5 Party Booth Hire add-ons in 2019

Party booth hire Sydney wide has exploded and every party every weekend wants one! Photo booths are a great form of entertainment for a whole range of occasions and they not only provide a fun way for guests to interact, but they also record memorable keepsakes well after the party has come and gone. Nowadays there are many things to add to your party booth hire to get the most out of the fun-filled experience. Listed below are the top 5 things!

1.         Photo Strip Guest Book

This day and age photos are an important and popular way to capture all those candid moments of a party. Whether the party is a wedding reception, engagement party or birthday party it is important to document the night with the many happy familiar faces you have grown to love and live your life with.

Flashback’s Party booth Hire provides a photo strip guest book for all their wedding and party packages. The black leather bound album is the best quality in the market and consists of 80 black pages with rice paper separators. Every page is fitted with “peel away” tape tabs so that guests can place their photo strip into the album with ease. Gold and silver pens are also provided with the album to write on the black leaf paper. These colours really pop out on the black paper!

The party booth hire experience is most certainly accentuated when the photo strip album is included with the hire. At the end of the night the hirer has an album full of their friends and families happy faces and warm heart felt written comments. It really is the PERFECT guestbook for any occasion!

photo strip guestbook

2.         Party Booth Hire Event Logo and/or message printed on every photo strip

Another way to get the most out of the photo booth experience is by branding your photo strips with your event logo or business logo. Flashback Photo booths have the very latest digital technology within their popular photo booths which allow the 4th frame of the traditional photo strip being replaced with a design (as shown)

Corporate photo boothsParty photo booth logos

This is particularly popular for corporate events or parties as their logo and event message will be printed on every photo strip allowing which is great for marketing and/or reminding guests of who held that fun party with a photo booth!

At weddings the logo option is a great feature, as the branded photo strips almost become a unique bonbonniere where again guests are reminded of the special occasion when the photo strip is placed on their fridge or in their wallets. The logo can also be a design that matches the theme of a wedding that is carried through the wedding invites, place cards and thank you cards. It may be a particular design or style of font and can be a very effective photo booth add-on! Engagement parties and general parties are the same!

3.         Prop Box or Props on Sticks

There is something about wearing funny glasses or a mullet wig in the photo booth that creates a whole other level of excitement amongst guests. Flashback Photo booths Sydney branch offers a wide variety of props within their standard prop box. Props range from pink feather boas, bunny ears and devil horns all the way through to clown and mullet wigs and Viking helmets. It is a hilarious add on that will most probably turn your formal wedding reception into a dress up party when some of the tipsy guests decide to wear the props throughout the night.

Christmas parties are often well accompanied with a range of Christmas props such as Santa hats and reindeer horns, adding to the festive season.

photo booth hire propsprops on sticks

Props on sticks are another party booth hire add-on that will create some unique and funny photo strips of your guests. Moustaches and lips on sticks are amongst a large variety that Flashback Photobooths offer in their photo booth options and will guarantee some timeless laughs!

4.         Double prints

Photo booth technology has come a long way since the old days when it used to take 3 minutes for a photo strip to develop. Now it only takes 10 seconds to print and it will print not only one photo strip but two photo strips cut within the digital printer. This unique feature is great when the photo strip album is part of the hire. This way one of the photo strips are placed into the album and the user gets to keep the spare copy. It’s a win win!

Even if the party booth hire is at a corporate function the double print can be shared and combined with the logo feature explained in point 2 above. This means your branding gets out there double time!

5.         Digital Copy of all photo strips post event

Again technology comes to the rescue when it comes to new age photo booths. Most photo booth hire companies will provide hirers with a digital copy of all the photo strips taken at the party. So even if you did not have the photo strip guest book with your photo booth hire then all those funny moments are not lost and can be used in any way.

A popular use with these images is to post them on social media sites like Facebook so that friends and family can see them and also download to use. Flashback Photo booths have even created wall large canvas prints of particular photo strips (for example the bride and groom) and even photo strip collages of over 100 photostrips taken at a wedding.

Over the last 10 years of operation Flashback Photobooths have seen and accomplished so many creative ways of using the high resolution files and have made their customers even more impressed with their service.


Flashback Photobooths started the photo booth industry here in Sydney close to 10 years ago and have sustained a long-standing reputation for being a reliable and experienced party booth hire provider. In fact Flashback have successfully serviced over 2500 events in Sydney alone and have nothing but great feedback. We developed these photo booth hire add-ons from the very beginning and have had no need to fine-tune them because they are all PERFECT in every way.

So much so that the competition has copied every element of our service. Competition was always inevitable after we started, and there are now many types of Photo booths Sydney has to offer and it is highly recommended to choose a company that is experienced and reliable and has been operating for more than a few years.

Reviews are also a great way to determine whether a company will perform to high standards. Check out some of Flashback Photobooths great reviews here at these reputable platforms:

3.2.1… Smile!

Flashback Photobooths provide high quality photo booths for private and corporate clients in the northern beaches and greater Sydney, and have earned a reputation for a friendly, professional and reliable service. Producing high-quality colour, sepia or black and white, double print photo strips in seconds, Flashback Photobooths provide essential fun for all events including weddings, formals, birthdays, corporate events and product launches.

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