Personalise your event with a photostrip logo

Not only are Flashback Photo booth rentals popular but more and more of our clients are choosing the option of including a unique photostrip logo. This is a great way to highlight your special event and remind people well after that it was your special day they attended. This may have been a wedding, a birthday or even a christening. The option is really popular with our corporate clients as this presents an excellent marketing opportunity and significant $$$ value when their company logo is branded on every strip taken. Sometimes coming up with a cool photostrip logo can be quite challenging but that’s where the Flashback Photo booth hire team can help make your life easy. We have stacks of templates saved that work really well for all types of events so if you are not the creative type or short of time, just ask our team and we’d be happy to share some examples that fit what you are looking for. Here is one we did last week that was pretty cool. We helped Stu celebrate his 40th and as you can see, Stu is a car lover and we were able to include his pride and joy on the bottom of all his strips. So whether you are getting married, promoting a new product or celebrating a birthday, consider a unique and personalised logo when booking a Flashback photo booth hire at your next event and it will be sure to make it even more unforgettable!

Below are some of our favourite photostrips including a photostrip logo. Check out more of our favourite photostrips here.

photostrip logo