Optional Extras – the Photo booth logo option

photo booth strip with logo

Wondering if the photo booth logo option is something you should add on?

At Flashback Photobooths Sydney we are constantly finding ways to make the photo booth experience more memorable. That is why we developed an option for our photo booths to not only take a 4 frame photo strip but also have the option to take a 3 frame photo strip and replace the last frame with an image – the photo booth logo option. The image may be a company logo or a unique design to brand a particular event like a wedding or birthday. We have seen our logo option being used in a number of events and they are listed below in more detail.

photo booth logo

The photo booth can be a very popular entertainment element of your wedding but at the end of the day you want your wedding day to be etched into their minds for months and years to come. The perfect way to do this other than with our photo strip guest book is to brand the photo strips with a wedding logo. Many weddings these days try to incorporate a theme throughout the wedding, which could be in the form of a particular image/design consistent in the wedding invites, place cards , thank you cards etc. With our photo booth logo option the actual photo strips that people take home with them and stick up on their fridges can also be branded with this design and may even remind them it was your wedding with the date.


Not only branding, the photo booth logo option personalises the experience but it also can double up as a bonbonierre if you combine it with our range of photo strip frames that can be placed on tables.

photobooth logoParties

In the same spirit as for weddings, you can even personalise any party celebrations. At Flashback Photobooths we have serviced many types of parties which have incorporated the photo booth logo option to brand their event, some of which are listed below:

  • Christenings
  • 1st Birthday Party
  • Bat/Bar Mitzvah
  • 16th Birthday Party
  • 18th Birthday Party
  • 21st Birthday Party
  • Halloween Party
  • Engagement Party
  • 40th Birthday Party
  • 60th Birthday Party

The addition of the logo on the photo strips for even these types of events are just a unique way of making sure your guests don’t forget that your party was so much fun!

Corporate Events

The use of our Logo option is probably most common for corporate events or marketing campaigns. Branded photo strips are probably the most effective marketing tool today as you are combining a fun and instant keepsake for users with your branding message or logo.

photo booth strip with logo

We have worked with many of Australia’s biggest brands throughout our 10 years of operation both in focused marketing campaigns incorporating the photo booth into a form of experiential marketing, and all the way through to simply hiring a photobooth for staff Christmas parties at the end of the year.

The photo booth logo option is a branding element which is an important element for these types of events as it increases brand awareness. It is guaranteed that the branded photo strip will be up on peoples fridges or in their wallets the next day and this exposes the brand and/or message to a greater audience. But lets just face it…at a corporate Christmas party a photo booth is just plain fun!