Photobooth hire – things to consider

So you know you want a photobooth but your budget is tight and you’ve seen some pretty cheap prices and you think to yourself why pay top dollar when there are photobooths out there for less??
The concept is simple so surely they are all pretty much the same and very little can go wrong? Let me tell you from 7 years in the industry that photobooths vary greatly and lots of things can wrong when you pick the wrong operator! The following are just a few examples of stories we have heard from clients who have gone with the wrong operator, had their hire cancelled close to their hire date and have called us urgently needing a photobooth.

Things to look out before your hire date:
− The operator goes out of business.
− The operator books you on a super cheap special (eg groupon or living social) and right before your hire date someone is willing to pay their standard price and so they cancel your booking instead.
− The operator doesn’t have a proper booking system and double books and has to cancel your hire.
− The operator only has one or two photo booths, one breaks down the night before and they have to cancel your hire.
− The operator forgets to order more film and doesn’t have any left for your hire and has to cancel.
− The operator falls ill and doesn’t have anyone to help set up their booths so has to cancel.

Of course not all issues arise before the hire at least if they do they hopefully allow you enough time to find another operator available, but who needs that stress?

On the day:
− The operator gets lost and turns up late or not at all.
− The operator is late and interrupts proceedings.
− The operator damages the booth trying to get into your venue and it no longer works.
− The attendant is rude and unfriendly.
− The operator doesn’t inform your venue when they are coming/collecting and puts your venue offside.
− The operator leaves their booth at the venue for days afterwards and puts your venue offside.
− The operator forgets the film and has to race home for more causing your hire to start late.
− The operator leaves it up to the venue to turn the booth on and off putting your venue offside.
− The booth is so flimsy/badly built it doesn’t feel safe to be inside.
− The quality of the film/camera is so low that the prints are low grade and don’t look good or last very long.
− The camera doesn’t focus instead producing blurry shots.
− The photobooth hasn’t been secured and is rolling around.
− The photobooth wiring is causing a potential tripping hazard as the operator hasn’t taped it down.
− The operator doesn’t use surge protectors on their booths meaning the machine could be prone to fire or electrical shock especially when self built or low build quality.
− Someone is injured using the photobooth but the operator does not have insurance to pay any potential claims against them.


So something’s gone wrong and you’re trying to sort it out with the operator and get compensated.
− The operator refuses to refund any money.
− The operator refuses to acknowledge anything that went wrong was their fault.
− The operator is rude and unfriendly and genuinely doesn’t care about your concerns.
− The operator goes out of business and any claim against them is pointless.

For all the above reasons plus all the others we touched on in our previous blog (link below) you should really think long and hard about whom you go with for your photobooth hire. I am happy to say none of the aforementioned problems have ever arisen from us or happened to our clients when dealing with us. This is sort of confidence you have when you pay that little bit extra to go with a reputable company like Flashback Photobooths!

Selecting a photobooth supplier

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