6 Photo Booth Ideas To Amp Up The Fun!

Fun photo booth ideas

It will come as no surprise, but we think a photo booth is a must for your forthcoming wedding, party or other event. Why? It’s laugh-inducing fun, it’s good clean entertainment for guests of every age, it will produce memories that last forever, it’s a fabulous talking-point and an unbeatable ice-breaker – and so much more!

But once you’ve made that booking, it’s also important to make the most of this unbeatable party and wedding photo booth craze. Yes, you can get out the album every now and then or even giggle at those photos on the fridge every day, but how do you squeeze as much fun as possible out of that photo booth hire for you and your guests?

Try one, some or all of these photo booth ideas to amp up the fun!

1. Share them around

Make sure everyone knows they’re going to keep their hilarious photo booth memories! Some people may be put off the idea of going into that photobooth to act a little silly, but if they know they get to keep a copy for themselves, they may be a little more inclined to join in the fun and even create their own photo booth ideas!

2. Make it a gift

Let your wedding or party guests know that you appreciate their participation in your party booth fun. Tell everyone to put a special message on the back of a photo strip and give it to you or add it in a guest book as a truly personal gift.

3. Create a photo booth challenge!

You can get creative with photo booth ideas, and coming up with challenges is certainly one way to do that. As guests arrive, make it known that you’re challenging them! Hand everyone a message with a different challenge inside that must be completed at some point before the event is over. It might be ‘Have a photo taken with someone you don’t know’, or ‘Act out a photo charade and have a guest guess what you’re miming’. After all, who doesn’t love a challenge?

5. Go nuts with props

What’s funnier than a silly face in a party hire photo booth? A silly face adorning some novel and ridiculous props, of course! It’s very likely your party photo booth will include the option of feather boas, bunny ears, clown wigs and devil horns. But have you thought about bringing or even making some of your own props?

Signs with a personalised message about the bride and groom is a great idea, or you could even supply little chalkboards so guests can write and then hold their own special or silly message. there are literally endless photo booth ideas when it comes to props!

6. Set an example

Perhaps the very best way to inspire your wedding or party guests to rock that photo booth is to lead by example. As the host, remind everyone now and then how much fun it is – perhaps by putting a couple of signs up here and there around the venue. Give out fresh challenges once the first ones are complete, get the laughs rolling by handing around some of the hire photo booth’s hilarious output – and don’t forget to simply enjoy the awesome fun of a party photo booth all for yourself.

A Photobooth doesn’t have to be a time consuming DIY project, nor does it have to be expensive. Contact us for cheap photo booth hire Sydney party planners love!