A to Z of photo booth hire in Sydney

A to Z of photo booth hire in sydney

A to Z of photo booth hire in Sydney

Welcome to Flashback Photobooths’ A to Z guide of photo booth hire in Sydney. There are so many things to consider when hiring a photo booth so here’s a list covering everything you need to know… from A to Z!

A is for Attendant

A is for Attendant… and the great news is that our booths don’t require one!

Our booths are built sturdy and tough to take on the meanest of crowds (like the MTV Awards in Sydney!!) and the operation is very simple…even kids at kids parties haven’t had any problems! And besides, who wants a complete stranger at their party anyway?!

B is for Birthdays

What better reason for a celebration than a birthday party! Photo booths offer time-tested, quality entertainment for all ages and all types of events! There is almost a magnetic force that draws your guests to the booth and strips them of their inhibitions!

At Flashback Photobooths we guarantee to capture those hilarious moments and provide additional services to enhance them so that they will become timeless keepsakes for yourself, as well as your guests.

Flashback Photobooths’ party packages are great for adding that extra kick to any type of party

C is for Corporate hire

Photo booths aren’t just for weddings and birthdays… the marketing potential of the photo booth is priceless!

Flashback Photobooths’ corporate packages are perfect for corporate Christmas parties and our logo and branding options are very effective marketing tools for promotional events or product launches.

We have worked with some of Australia’s largest corporate companies, providing photo booths for Christmas parties, product launches, expos, trade shows, and team building days. Check out our Corporate packages here.

D is for double-print feature

All Flashback photo booths have a double print feature. When a guest enters the photo booth and takes the four photos (to make up the strip) they will receive 2 identical strips dispensed separately (and you don’t need scissors for cutting them, like other companies). One strip can be placed into the photo-strip album and the other can be kept by the guest, ensuring that your guests have a momento of the night to keep. Photo booth hire in Sydney just got more interesting!

E is for Expos

If you are looking at photo booth hire for a specific event such a wedding, then checking out your local expos are a must. Expos are a fantastic place to start when researching or planning your wedding – not only do you have hundreds of suppliers in one place, but you can come across many unique ideas and see the latest in bridal fashions.

F is for features

The features of a Flashback photo booth are endless! Importantly, users get to choose colour or black and white photo-strips at the event, and they can be different on each strip. Our booths offer double-print, high quality digital photo-strips of four poses. The strips are cut within the booth (no attendant required), and the booths are simple one button operation and voice instructions. You can see the full list of Flashback Photobooths booth features here.

G is for Guestbook

The idea stemmed from the traditional wedding guest-book. Guest-books at weddings are very formal and don’t allow guests to creatively express themselves. Guests want to leave their mark at a wedding!! We have developed an album that will accommodate a photo-strip along with a message and signature instead of just a plain old signature. Every page is fitted with double sided tape tabs and is protected by rice paper – and along with this you also receive a gold and silver pen so your guests can leave you a message to accompany the photo-strip.

H is for History

Flashback Photobooths was established in 2007 with one photo booth, and through phenomenal growth we have now serviced over 2000 functions in NSW, VIC, ACT & QLD. Our business has been built on exceptional customer service and integrity, so when you hire a photo booth from Flashback, you’re not only getting the highest quality product, but also personalised service. Find out more about Flashback Photobooths here.

I is for Industry accredited

Flashback Photobooths is industry accredited through the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA). The ABIA system is based on bridal feedback where brides are asked to rate their wedding suppliers against set criteria. Flashback Photobooths is pleased to continue to rank highly against this criteria and has been a Finalist in each category!

J – Just for weddings?

You may be wondering if the photo booth is just for weddings? Absolutely not! Events we attend include birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties, corporate events, trade shows, christenings, engagement parties, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, school formals, graduations, reunions… the list is endless!! There are many types of events that photo booth hire in Sydney can add that special element!

K is for Keepsakes

A photo booth is not only the entertainment at your function, but also provides a keepsake for guests and the hirer! Our packages can include a black leather ‘ready to mount’ album along with gold and silver pens – this is our interpretation of the perfect guest-book! The idea is that guests place one photo-strip in the guestbook and get to keep the other identical photostrip for themselves.

L is for Logo option

Are you looking for a unique way for your guests to have a momento of your function? Flashback Photobooths has the option of adding a logo/message/theme as the fourth frame of every photo-strip ensuring that your brand stays with people even once they’ve left the event. You can see an example of the logo feature here.

M is for Marketing

I bet you didn’t think a photo booth could be a marketing tool! We have serviced a wide range of events from product and company launches right up to mainstream advertising and marketing campaigns for major companies throughout Australia. The photobooth is a very effective marketing tool, as it draws a lot of attention and excitement, but also rewards guests with a keepsake that they will take away from the event. This type of marketing is priceless! Every branded photo strip taken at a corporate/promotional event will be up on fridges the next day!

Check out some of the companies we have had the pleasure of working with here.

N is for No boundaries

The photo booth is timeless – it knows no boundaries! Male, female, young, old, bride, groom, guest… there is almost a magnetic force that will draw everyone to the photo booth and strip them of their inhibitions – capture the intimate, hilarious and unexpected!

O is for Operation

When our booths are delivered, they will be set up, so once you arrive it’s ready to go. All you and your guests have to do is get in push a button and let the friendly voice instructions guide you through the rest. It really is very simple and even the tipsiest of guests will get it! Photo booth hire in Sydney hasn’t been any easier until now!

P is for Props

The photo booth itself is SO much fun – but give guests some props to use and they’ll unleash their creativity and experience a new level of fun! Masks, wigs, feather boas, tiaras… they all come provided when you hire a prop box. Or you can purchase some props on sticks providing guests with moustaches, lips, glasses and top hats so they can give themselves a new look in every strip! Check out images of our props here.

Q is for Quality

The photo-strips generated in a Flashback photo booth are of the highest quality. The photos will not fade and will last up to 100 years. Also, there’s no ink to dry or smudge. They won’t show a fingerprint and are even water resistant. And being digital, the photobooth is 100% chemical-free, unlike old-fashioned photobooths. When you hire a photo booth from Flashback, you’re assured of the highest quality.

R is for Reliability

Having serviced over 2000 events nationally, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to events! We are a reliable bunch, and will drop off and pick up our booths before/after your function. All of our booths are fitted with an internal timer and we will liaise with the venue to make sure the booth is set up well before your reception and generally we will pick up the booth after guests have left or the next day… ensuring we don’t disturb your function.

S is for Sponsorship

Flashback Photobooths is pleased to support various charities and sponsorship events. From the Good Friday Appeal and Camp Quality to McHappy Day and Heartkids, we are passionate about supporting local charities and doing our bit to help.

Click here for more information about which charities and sponsorship events we have supported.

T is for Time

You may be wondering how long it takes to print a photo-strip? Not long at all! A 4-frame photo-strip prints in 10 seconds – this is the fastest vend in the industry worldwide! Better still, our double-print photo-strips are cut inside the booth and dispensed individually so you’re not having to stand around waiting for someone to cut them for you.

U is for Usability

Flashback Photobooths are easy to use! Our booths are simple one button operation and voice instruction – even kids can operate it! The booth will dispense your double-print strips in seconds, you get to keep one strip, and one strip goes into the guest book with a note from you… how simple is that!

V is for Venues

Delivering photo booths has taken us all over the place! We’ve worked with, and delivered to, wedding venues, hotels, golf clubs, resorts, restaurants, wineries – you name it, we’ve probably been there! We also deliver to private residences for home celebrations. In fact we cover photo booth hire in Sydney and all surrounding areas.

Check out some of our preferred venues here.

W is for Weddings

It’s without a doubt the most common function we service is weddings. And it’s no wonder why… our wedding packages provide not only a great keepsake for you and your guests, but are also the entertainment! Check out our wedding package inclusions here. We focus mostly on photo booth hire in Sydney and surrounding areas.

X is for Xtras

So we may have cheated a little here – X is a tricky one!! We have a range of eXtras that can be added to any package to enhance the whole photo booth experience. From our prop box and props on sticks to our unique logo option, we have your extras covered! We also offer photo strip magnets, save the date photo-strips, canvas prints and photo-strip frames that are perfect for bonbonnieres.

Y is for whY Flashback?

Y was also a tricky one! But incase you’re wondering whY Flashback? Because we’re the originals! We started the craze and are the longest running photobooth operator in Australia. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and value our preferred venues as much as our clients – ensuring you have a hassle free experience.
For more on the history of Flashback Photobooths click here.

Z is for Zero worries

You should have zero worries after reading this blog! But if you do, you can always check out our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us. We’re a friendly bunch so feel free to ask us anything.


Flashback Photobooths provide high quality photo booths for private and corporate clients in Sydney, earning a reputation for a friendly, professional and reliable service. Producing high-quality colour, or black and white, double print photo strips in seconds, Flashback Photobooths provide essential fun for all events including weddings, formals, birthdays, corporate events and product launches.

Contact us at www.flashbackphotobooths.com.au