Photo Booth Hire Comparison

Here at Flashback Photobooths we recognise that potential hirers are going to shop around and we welcome comparison. As one of the few companies in Australia that has been operating for 7 years we are acutely aware of what makes us different. Many of things are simply not quantifiable like amazing service, attention to detail, organisational skills and professionalism. This all means peace of mind for our clients knowing that we are not going to double book them, cancel their hire, turn up late or any other silly scenario we hear about time and time again that happen. Whilst there is no dollar value that can be placed on this it is priceless and should be considered when next comparing us.

One aspect that is quantifiable but also not always clear to people when they are shopping around is those hidden charges like delivery fees, idle time or meals.

Many photo booth hire operators are only giving free delivery up to a certain kilometre radius so be sure to enquire how much extra you need to factor in if your venue is not within the free delivery zone which for some is only 25km so be sure to check.

Idle time is terminology used by many operators to describe the time they spend at your venue before and after your actual hire period. Many charge additionally should you require they be set up before the hire or hold off from packing down until after your function has finished. This is particularly an issue for Weddings and Corporate events where its very important no interruption is made to proceedings. Be sure to find out what additional costs are to be incurred from all operators you get quotes from. Flashback Photobooths never charges for idle time as we always set up before a clients function officially starts and don’t collect until after it finishes or ideally the next day so there is never any interruption. We can do this as we use automated machines that simply turn themselves on and off.

Meal charges are often not made clear by many operators who provide attendants that expect to be fed. If it is not clear be sure to clarify so you can factor this cost in. Flashback Photobooths uses automated unattended machines so there is no one to feed.

In conclusion it should be very clear for those of you shopping around that you really need to do your research and make a full and fair comparison before you select the right photo booth operator for your next event!

Flashback Photobooths provide high quality photo booths for private and corporate clients in Sydney, earning a reputation for a friendly, professional and reliable service. Producing high-quality colour, or black and white, double print photo strips in seconds, Flashback Photobooths provide essential fun for all events including weddings, formals, birthdays, corporate events and product launches.

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