Photo booth Attendant required?

One of the most common questions we get is if an attendant is required for a Flashback photo booth! And the short answer is no… all Flashback photo booths are very simple to use and do not require an attendant.  The operation is a very simple touch screen – guests get to choose colour or black and white images, then a friendly voice guides them through the 4 photos to make up the photo strip. At the same time, you see your faces on a LCD screen (to get your poses right) – it’s way too simple and after 8 years in operation we have never had a complaint!

When hiring a photo booth, attendants are often there to tell guests what to do and to cut the strips in half and paste one into the guestbook. The main difference between our booths and our competitors is that the double print photo-strips are cut within the booth dispensing separately – so you don’t need an attendant with scissors. Also our albums are pre-loaded with adhesive peel away tabs so that guests will have no problem inserting their photo-strips – again no attendant with a glue stick.

If you are worried about the older generation not using it – what I find works the best is to have someone (like the MC) announce the photobooth at the start of the night to let people know the importance of leaving a photo–strip in the album – it really is the best momento that you will take from the experience!

Did you know that you would have to pay for the attendants dinner at your wedding? Flashback Photobooths started the industry in Australia and I can assure you an attendant is not required and is not necessarily going to convince people to use the booth either.

Besides, who wants a complete stranger standing awkwardly by the booth at their wedding anyway?!

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