Party Planning Tips You Need to Know

Who doesn’t want to throw a fantastic party? Here we’re going to go over 5 great party planning tips that apply to just about any situation. Always remember: great parties start by choosing a theme and planning ahead! Taking smart shortcuts and creating stations will help you avoid nasty traffic jams when it’s time to get food and drinks.

What’s your theme?

“Themes are so passé!”

How many times have you thought about planning a party and avoided a theme because you didn’t want to veer into some uncanny valley of one of your mum’s Saturday night parties?

Great parties need a theme because themes help bring it all together. Maybe you’re just going with a specific colour palette, a place, a time; choose what works for you.
Choosing a theme also helps you create a signature drink and dishes, pick great decorations and even helps you find the right invitations. Even if you’re just throwing an ad hoc shindig it never hurts to have a theme to get things ready!

Take shortcuts

We’re taught that shortcuts lead to bad results, but when it comes to party planning all those little time saving corners can make the difference between a good party and a total disaster. Why spend the day before the party in the kitchen slaving away on a meal you don’t know will work out when you can go with a wide variety of tiny delicious appetizers instead?

If you’re going to be hosting an occasion that’s not as finger food friendly, think about getting some takeaway instead or some prepped appetizers. You’ll want to really bring your a-game when it comes to presenting someone else’s dishes, so make sure you pay special attention to plating and what serving dishes you’re using if you go this route.

It’s important to make sure that you’re not putting yourself out – there’s no point in doing everything on your own if you can help it. It’s perfectly fine to spend hours in the kitchen if that’s what you enjoy doing, but give yourself permission to take a break too!

Planning ahead saves money

Who hasn’t cringed at all those extra shipping charges they’ve had to pay because they didn’t plan ahead – and even if you can pay for shipping, you may not be able to find all the party supplies you need. When possible plan ahead and get things set up so you can see what the final product will look like.

As soon as you have your supplies, start setting things up. See how everything looks and see if it matches up with your vision of your party. This way you won’t have to fuss and worry that the centerpiece isn’t matching up with the punch bowls you’ve bought. You won’t have to worry about your drinks falling flat if you make them ahead of time, and it’ll give you enough time to perfect any dishes you’re working on too!

Relax before the party starts

The best party planning tip is to relax. Sit down and relax 30-60 minutes before the party get started; the better you feel, the better host(ess) you’ll be when the guests start to arrive.

Man the stations

Or make them self-serve! It’s important to have different stations for food and drink that aren’t RIGHT next to each other. If there’s a rush on food people should still be able to get to the drinks without elbowing each other. If you have a mix bar and some premade drinks, set them apart so people can just grab and go – same goes for food.