Open or Enclosed photo booth?

We often get asked if we have large or open-air style photo booths, or only the traditional, more enclosed (curtained) photo booths.

And the truth is that we started the industry in Australia with both styles! But the traditional enclosed booth quickly became everyone’s favourite and is now the only style booth we offer.


Firstly, there is no attendant required. You can read more on attendants here. With a larger booth, coordinating 6-8 people at a time requires an attendant. With only 2-3 in a booth, no attendant is required as the operation is very simple.

The enclosed style booth fits 2-3 people comfortably. Combined with our photo-strip guest book, this is the perfect number because if you had any more people you would have a hard time getting couples to add their mark to the album! And for you (the hirer), this is the most important aspect of the hire (apart from entertaining your guests of course!). Having the MC announce the photo booth and the idea of the album and the importance of adding to it, will ensure you have no problem filling it up! At the end of the night, your guests get the entertainment and a strip of their own to take home, but you want a guest book full to the brim of smiling faces and messages, and a traditional curtained-booth ensures you get just that!

With larger booths that fit 6-7 people, we found that no one was adding the photos to the album. Everyone wants a copy of the photo, and they were getting left out of the album, thus leaving the hirer with no momento of the night and the fun that was had at their event!

We also found that the quality of pictures wasn’t as creative as what people’s faces portray. Photo booths are all about capturing emotion, and emotion really only happens in our faces!! So these should be the focus of the photobooth – not capturing people’s bodies and legs!

Larger booths also require a larger space. We’ve heard some open booths need up to 5 square metres, which means that when they arrive at venues with only a small space for the photo booth, the photo booth area is compacted and left looking ordinary.

Many people think the more people that fit in there the better, but this isn’t always the case. The images below show how a Flashback photo booth captures emotion in a candid and fun way, as opposed to a larger photo booth.