DIY photo booth vs Flashback photo booth

There’s no denying that these days, no party is complete without a photo booth… in fact, they’re an expected entertainment factor at most parties and weddings! A photo booth is not only fun, but also a brilliant way to capture memories and create a lasting momento of your special event.

Are you considering cutting costs and creating your own DIY photo booth? There are a few trends pooping up like polaroid cameras, disposable cameras and even getting your photographer to set up a photo station to replicate the idea of the photobooth. We work closely with many of Sydney’s finest venues and the general feedback from them in regards to these alternatives is that they are hit and miss when it comes to being successful. Many of their clients are often left frustrated that their DIY photo booth isn’t being used properly (or at all)…but by then it is all to late! Are you willing to risk this element of your function failing? Here are some things to consider when choosing between a DIY photobooth, or hiring a photobooth for your event…

DIY booth

Flashback Photobooths
photo booth

To have a DIY booth functioning correctly and directing people on how to use it, an attendant is a must. No attendant required – a simple touch screen and voice instructions prompt the guest through the process.
How many poses do guests get? Only one? Capturing four poses, guests can really get creative and capture candid moments.
Think technical. Do you have the cords for the camera, printer, remote shutter, flash, lighting? Is it all working? And is it all working together? Everything is supplied, fully tested and ready to roll!
Set-up, operation, and pack-up? What if there’s an issue? All taken care of. The photo booth is set up on the morning of the event, and picked up the next day. It then runs on an internal timer. All Photo booths are thoroughly tested prior to your function.
Does it print automatically on the night in a timely fashion? Yes, double-print high quality digital photo-strips printed in 10 sec!
Does it take a series of timed photos in sequence? Or only one photo? Four poses are captured enabling guests to ‘tell a story’ with their poses.
Space? Is there enough space? Is the booth out in the open, no ‘hidden factor’? A Flashback photo booth only requires 1.2m x 1.2m, and has a curtain to give that secret and hidden feel to the photos. Guests aren’t left out in the open where everyone can see, which may provide for more awkward poses.
Do photos print onto paper that is smudge proof and fingerprint free? Our booths have an ultra fast 10 second print cycle with photostrips printing onto 100% chemical free paper, with no smudges or runs and is finger-print free!
Does it print 2 identical copies? One for the guests, and one for a guestbook? We believe the guestbook is what really sets a photo booth apart, and it’s a very valuable momento for the bride and groom. Our albums come fitted with peel away tape tabs on every page for guests to insert their photostrips with ease.
Does it save the images to CD? All photostrips are recorded to USB on the night and provided to the hirer after the event.
Consider the additional materials required – glue to add photos to album, cords, portable lighting, power adaptors, extension cords etc. All provided and taken care of.
What if people want to touch the camera to see their image? If someone has their eyes closed they may want to reshoot it. Allowing people to play with the camera settings may mess with the flow of the booth. Seeing the images taken is an important part of the experience, and Flashback photo booths LCD screen inside show the guests their photostrip prior to printing where they have the option to retake the images, or print it.
Are prints available right away? You bet! Your double print photostrips are cut within the booth and dispensed in 10 seconds.
How do you get a print into the hands of every guest? Or can’t? Do you lose that moment? Guests looking at the hard copy of their strip and showing friends and comparing is all part of the experience!
Consider lighting – a camera flash is harsh on faces and can disturb the atmosphere of the room. Do you bring in your own lighting? More cords, something else to go wrong? All taken care of within the booth.

Flashback Photobooths have a REAL booth – where you can grab a prop, jump in the booth, close the curtain and with the simple push of a button, we can capture fun, candid moments!

DIY photo booth